7 Fabulous Android Apps

android fablous apps
There are many adorable and fabulous apps for Android Smartphones. Android has become the leader in smart phones tech and therefore the apps number is also increasing sharply. The most important thing is to download the specific software out of this heap so that the user gets his job done efficiently without any hassle. Some of the Fabulous Android Apps are:

One of the basic amenities for the people is accessing internet on computer using mobile phone, popularly known as tethering. For Android users there is one such app which allows them to use their mobile to accesst internet. PDANet is that particular software and it comes free to download for Android. However this software will only work if the mobile operating system is the upgraded version 2.2 for the Android users.

LogMeIn Ignition:
The user sometimes imagines that is it possible to control the personal computer through a mobile. Well there is one such app which helps the user to control the computer via the Android phone. This software is called LogMeIn Ignition and its version should be installed in the pc. This software requires some configuring processes after which the control process can be done. This software costs about $29.99 in Android Market.

Wi-Fi Analyzer:
Wi-Fi or Wireless Fidelity has a very important role for internet, as it is very handy and less complicated. Android users have the power to such an app called Wi-Fi Analyzer which basically connects the user to available networks in their range and analyze them. This app is free to download and is only for Android users.

There are a lot of people in this world who are consistently linked to movies and their favorite actors and actresses; more precisely about their biographies and daily happenings. So to keep the user updated with all such information; Google Android has one such unique app called IMDb. As the name suggests IMDb is the Internet Movie Database website which holds incredible information about more than 2 million movies and television shows and also some related stuff. This app lets the user to have all the access to the information about various movies and television shows.

Android has another app called Wikidroid and as the name indicates this app is related to Wikipedia. This app allows the users to use the Wikipedia for browsing articles and to have unlimited access to all the information about a particular thing. This app is free to download for Android users.

This world is full of different genres of people who are interested in different hobbies. Some are hooked to movies and games while some are linked to books and novels. Android users have an additional advantage in this section also as there is one app which will allow users to read books; particularly e-books from Amazon. Kindle is the specific app which allows such convenience. The user has to just create an account and then download e-books according to their tastes and they can indulge themselves in reading. This app allows the users to create bookmarks and also skip boring pages and do other duties. This app is completely free to download.

Angry Birds:
There is a very cute and simple game called Angry Birds which is free for Android users(limited version). The specialty of this game is that it has got excellent visual graphics coupled with real-time physics and is quite challenging for the player. This game is worth downloading and its cost would not matter to such an extent.

To download any of the above android app, just search for it in android market place on your phone.

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