7 Free Windows Mobile Games

Windows Mobile Smartphone users have a wide range 4500 free games and apps to choose and play on the go. Let us focus on 7 of the fascinating windows mobile games here. This games work on windows mobile phones like HTC HD2, Samsung OminaPro and other phones.

Canabalt is a frantic chasing game. You are a tiny human racing across the roof tops as an alien invasion occurs in the backdrop. Buildings crash and metal pieces fly under your feet and it is a hard task to pull yourself away. Graphic complexity, excellent music and frantic pace make the game adventurous.
Basketball is a standard basket ball shooting game. Though simple to play it is full of challenges. You can take help from the guides and indicators to reach the ball to the hoop. It is a very absorbing and time consuming game.
Break My Bricks 2 is a typical ping pong game except that you play solo without any opponent. Simply strike the ball against the paddle auto blocks on the screen. Hit back the bounced ball which breaks into more blocks. The game has three levels of difficulties and is fun all the way.
Pocket Sudoku is a world famous puzzle game. Mind boggling web based Sudoku boards and puzzle books keep you busy immersed in solving problems using brain work and logic while you are travelling.
Hexa Lines is an intellectual game attracting deep focus and concentration on the player. The game is about filling most of the hexagons with specific color. You are challenged by two opponents with artificial intelligence. You will forget time concept when you play this glorious game.

Super Mario Kart Mini is a game involving matching of colors in a row or block with bursting of bubbles until there is none left. The game features
  • Scintillating graphics
  • Challenging multi level difficulties
Pocket Uno is a well known game all over the world with fun and frolic. The game is ideal for a picnic to entertain family members and friends. Computerized opponents offer progressively difficult challenges and you will feel so happy when you emerge victorious.
Hope you enjoy playing these games on your windows mobile phone.

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