Access Computer Desktop on iPhone with Splashtop App

Splashtop remote desktop iPhone app
Well it is a pretty good thinking and imaginable that a person could actually access a file of the computer remotely from his mobile phone. Actually this inevitable task is now possible for smartphone users, where a person having an iPhone can actually access any kind of file from its computer remotely with Slpashtop App.

Splashtop Remote Desktop is a new app devised by DeviceVM which has found its way to the App Store; can actually connect the smart phone into the PC. It is pretty sure that this app will allow the user to watch movies, listen to music and even accessing any data files which may include web browser. The only shortcoming is that this method will work only for Wi-Fi networks and not over 3G networks.

Features of the app are:
  • See and control your entire Windows PC as if you are in front of it
  • Access all of your Windows files and programs
  • Watch videos in any format (including Flash!), and listen to your entire music library
  • Play advanced Windows games via patent-pending Splashtop streaming technology
  • Connect to multiple PCs with the same iPad app
  • Interact with Windows applications using intuitive touch controls and familiar iPad gestures
Splashtop is available for other iOS devices like the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. This app requires iOS 3.2 and is even compatible with iPhone 4.

Download iPhone version of the app HERE.

Download iPad version of the app HERE.

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