Auto-mate App for Windows Phone 7

People around the world are too concerned about the fuel costs. Also they are very keen to know all the places from where if necessary they can get the automobile repairs. Therefore keeping this idea in thought there has been a development in application for Windows Phone 7 which is called auto-mate which allows the user to track automobile expenses and fuel costs for multiple vehicles. So it will be apt to say that this app targets to reduce fuel cost and also keep track of the vehicle’s maintenance data.

This vehicle tracker has got quite some interesting features when compared to other devices with same purpose. This application keeps a track of the vehicle’s mileage and also makes other calculation regarding their usage. It also allows the user to schedule fuel services in distinct periods of time which is a specialty of this application particularly.

Well the enlisted features of this application are worth of looking;
  • Tracking of fuel ups, miles per week, mileage, km per week and services based upon the car’s usages.
  • Showcase of vehicle test dates, tax dates
  • Creation of services which will be maintained by the app itself.
  • A very unique method of charts which consistently updates the progress of vehicle with time.

Download the app via zune for your WP7 phone.

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