Best Android Games People Are Addicted To!

Best Android Games

There are many Android games which are amongst the favorites of the young generation. Modern world has rendered us helpless situations and it is hell of a task to find time even for yourself. For the same reason, you sometimes need to have fun so as to relax your senses and get some time off your tough hectic routine. Playing games on a mobile phone while on a go is a healthy activity for most of the people as it serves as the mental exercise which diverts their attention from their stressed life. It is rather a source of quality entertainment for them.

It is not necessary that all the games will gain the popularity among the masses just because they are satisfying the basic characteristics. With the passage of time, people have been trying to go for more interesting and unique games. For that matter, some games have been specially developed on Android Platform.

There are many best selling games which keep the interest of the users for longer time. Despite higher prices, the tower raider game is still very popular with the Android mobile users. It just involves the sense of achievement by killing the enemies. You earn more money by getting rid of your enemies. Similarly the Camel games, Space Physics though sound boring but are greatly preferred by the users as you get through the stages of game and hence win at the end.

Another famous game on Android Garden of Weeden is similar to Farmville. The only difference is that your crop in this type of game is marijuana. if you want any other form of Farmville, you can go for the Farm Frenzy. If you are interested in the fantasy games, the best choice for you would be the Zenonia which can easily be installed on your Android mobile.

The boys mostly like the games involving racing bikes and cars. For that matter, you can enjoy the 3 D tunnel racing car game which is suitable for kids of all ages. For those interested in Uno, the game can now be installed on their phones. The baseball lovers are never disappointed by Android mobile with Baseball superstars game to play baseball on your mobile.

Angry Birds theme has been adopted in the form of destruction games. If you want to work in a mine, you can do it through the games like Gem miner on Android. For those fond of improving vocabulary, there are some brainteaser games which serve their purpose.

The Doodle Jump is not as such very popular but still there is quiet a safe percentage of people having the game installed on their Android phones. There is good news for those who love fishing. Yes! You can enjoy your favorite hobby by playing Fishing Simulator, Fishin 2 Go right from your Android mobile which gives you information about over 100 species of fishes in 16 different locations. Yet another mostly sold game is Abduction, in which you have to rescue your friend which is a cow.

To download any of the Android Game above, just search for the game in market place and purchase it.

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