Best iPhone Apps Last Week

Apple iPhone's App count is increasing day by day. There are many apps released last week. Some of the noticeable apps among them are:

This app is for photography lovers and has lot of cool features. Actually this app has gone about some distance considering the other apps in this section. This app consists of some vital filters which make it possible for the user to get well developed images and the user can even share them in social networking sites like Facebook, Flickr and Twitter as well.
Accidental News Explorer:
This app is necessary for the users who constantly need RSS feeds regarding some vital information. This app is very smooth in design containing a single search box on its opening page and no matter whatever topic the user inputs, this app finds interesting news and stories regarding the topic.

Well this app is a kind of game and it has some promising aspects for the kiddo section. This application has an excellent visualization and though it has been developed by a single user yet it has some fantastic challenging game levels. It is quite an app to purchase as it is only $0.99.

This is a social networking app which has some pretty cool features. This app lists all the contacts of the user and arranges them in an order. Other features includes grabbing inbox messages from email, twitter, Facebook and even phone calls.

This is a calendar app and it has got a pretty good style in its interface. This app has got some pretty good features like color coded labels etc. Its ability to incorporate with Google Calendars makes it quite impressive.
What iPhone apps you have tried which were released during last week?

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