Chrome to WP7 allows to Send Links and Text Easily

chrome to wp7
People on this planet are always looking for ways through which their problems will get eased more and more such that they will have no worries at all. Well technology has always come up with such answers and helped people. Recently an app was released from a guy called Dave who calls this app as Chrome to WP7.

Well as the name suggests this app will give the ability to quickly send links and the selected text from the Chrome browser on the personal computer to the Windows Phone 7. This app will initiate a push notification which is sent to the phone and when this app is started then a list will be featured which will have all the recent links and text available. By using these links the user can do lot of things according to the choice.

This app has two versions which should be installed independently on the personal computer and also in the Windows Phone 7. Well the Chrome plugin for the Chrome browser could be downloaded from the developer’s page. You need to do some tweaking and sync between Chrome app and the WP7 app which is submitted to marketplace by developer(yet to be approved) before sending links and text.

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