Craigslist App for Windows Phone 7

Craigslist WP7 app
Well many of us do actually have lots of queries and stress when there is a need to buy a house or to a find a job or even offer some sort of service. Craigslist comes into rescue in such situations. It is sure that every person now knows about Craigslist which is a collection of online communities having many online classified advertisements posted by various users. Now these users and many more have an option to use this service by the latest Craigslist app which has been launched for Windows Phone 7.

The app known as myCraigsAds is typically a Craigslist which has versatile functions and options. The user has a variety of options to use this app in the same way which Craigslist is used when accessed from a PC where all search related queries and information could be managed efficiently.

To download the app, just search for myCraigsAds in your Zune, Windows marketplace.

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