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Well BlackBerry users have now a reason to smile because they do not need to worry about their busy schedules in case they are caught in a traffic. Research In Motion(RIM), the manufacturer of BlackBerry smartphones released a new app this week called Blackberry Traffic.

It is to be noted that after installation process is over the users need to enter the destination manually or by selecting from a given list and then the app offers a precise estimated time using the traffic pattern history and real-time traffic from other similar users. In actual means this app Blackberry traffic breaks down and examines the on course traffic letting the user to know in advance where the slow zones are going to occur.

The other features are displaying of travel times, incident reports and also knowledge of alternative routes to get to the destination. This app allows the user to SMS, e-mail facility and also to view the deals of the area in which the user is traveling.

Download BlackBerry Traffic App from BlackBerry Appworld for FREE.

Supported Devices:
  • BlackBerry 8350i
  • BlackBerry 8530
  • BlackBerry 8900
  • BlackBerry 9000
  • BlackBerry 9100
  • BlackBerry 9300
  • BlackBerry 9500
  • BlackBerry 9520
  • BlackBerry 9530
  • BlackBerry 9550
  • BlackBerry 9630
  • BlackBerry 9650
  • BlackBerry 9670
  • BlackBerry 9700
  • BlackBerry 9780
  • BlackBerry 9800

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