Download Captain Movie App for WP7

Mobile technology is on a spree in the recent times and with the advancement of technology we can feel this impact all over the world. Smart phones have become the latest sensational devices and the primary souls in these gadgets are the mind blowing and superb applications.

Microsoft Corporation’s much anticipated Windows Mobile Phone 7 also has some exciting range of apps. One such recent app is concerned with movies and entertainment. Users around the world are consistently in search for good movies to quench their personal satiety and the only problem was that the place where they could avail the information.

A new app called Captain Movie is launched which is available on Windows phone marketplace. This Captain Movie is a kind of wrapper app which has various online databases of movies and it allows the users to access all the information regarding the movies. Some of its primary features includes the suitability of metasearch on all databases, various searches regarding movies, actors and actresses and even their biography.

  • Metasearch over all databases
  • Search for Movies
  • Search for Persons
  • Movie Starts
  • Information about movies
  • Facts
  • cast and crew
  • pictures
  • user comments
  • soundtrack
  • release dates
  • story line
  • editions
  • awards
  • Information about persons
  • facts
  • filmography
  • pictures
  • awards
Download the App from HERE You must install Zune software to download this WP7 app.

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