Free Android Apps to Increase Your Productivity!

Free Android Apps
Technology has a very simple and noble cause which is clearly targeted towards smoothening human lives and making us more and more independent. Similarly with the evolution of mobile phones into smart phones; these little gadgets are no lesser than heavy duty computers.

Recently Google Inc‘s Android had launched some apps to make the users more productive and finally effective.These apps are free to download and they are briefly described below.

Goals to-do: Firstly there is a type of scheduler which is called Goals to-do and helps in reminding users about their various projects and assignments. This app actually consists of an inbox and is integrated with a calendar.

Dropbox: Another important app is Dropbox which specializes in uploading and synchronizing or even sharing of important files and photo albums with the user’s friends. 

Time Tracking: Most of the people face serious timing crisis and for this an app is suitable which is called Time Tracking; which manages the time records and keeps the user aware about the status of various works.

Evernote: There is another app to sync notes,Evernote. The primary function of this app is to take notes and uploading of files like audio files. 

GDocs : Lastly this application is for those who are always in search of a writing tool or a text editor, GDocs which is also called Google docs and serves as a notepad to create and edit documents. This app is promising in its kind as it has a showcase of a lot of features which also includes proper synchronization of documents.

To download any of the android productivity app, just search for it in Android market and download.

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