Hide iPhone Photos and SMS using HideEmAll App

People always have wanted to take advantages from technology and if technology allows them to secure their internal data and information they won’t lose a shot on that. Similarly the iPhone users can keep their private data hidden from other fellows by using a new jailbreak application called HideEmAll.

This app works by concealing the data and also in recovering them like the text messages or pictures; all in the touch of a button which can be fed unto the Activator which is responsible for these activities.

HideEmAll is an app which is available through Cydia and it costs only $0.99 and this is a must-have app because data security and integrity could not be compromised under any circumstances.

Well this app is surely meant for those people who want to keep their personal data and information secure but still then, people with wrong intention can also use this app to hide offensive images and text in their device without any body’s knowledge. Hope you guys use it for better purpose.

Check out the video to know how the HideEmAll app works:

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