How to increase iPhone Memory?

People around the world specially the users of products from Apple Inc. have always tried to do something with their personal gadgets. Their trial ranges from many various things out of which one is expanding the given memory of their so called devices like the iPod, iPhone, iPad . Though the memory capacity of these devices is 64GB, may be its not proving good for all those media lovers who want various forms of games and videos in their gadgets.

So in order to deal with this problem there are actually some pretty good solutions and for these solutions to work the user must have a device from Apple, 3G or Wi-Fi access and some apps which are discussed below;

ZumoCast and Zumo Drive:
The major problem for memory jamming is songs, videos and even the photos which usually gulp down seventy percent of the available memory. This is where this ZumoCast app comes to be handy as this app is a free web-streaming program which will grant access to all the media content in any form from anywhere through Wi-Fi or 3G network.
This app Dropbox is another similar storage platform which gives an additional 2GB to the phone’s memory and this application also allows uploading of various media files including audio and video files.

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