HTC Desire HD: 10 Useful Android Applications

htc desire hd applications
Here we have a list of some of the useful applications for your HTC Desire HD smartphone which has lot of potential in terms of its performance and functionality.

Opera Mobile 10.1:
This app is a standard web browser which works very fast on the HTC Desire HD and with all its authentic features this is a super browser which is a genuine showcase app but it unfortunately there is no Flash support but still this app manages the tabs in the browser very efficiently.

This is an app which is obviously related to the social networking site Twitter. This app can manage multiple twitter accounts and also it integrates the user’s Facebook account messages along with the efficient usage of Google’s Buzz service.

This app allows the user to access Skype on the Android phones. Well contrary to the mobile networks the app allows the users to make calls through VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) with the use of Wi-Fi or 3G.

This is an efficient RSS reader app which is designed for HTC Desire HD and it accomplishes the task of collecting all the Google reader feeds in one single superb interface and many other vital functionalities.

Data checker:
Well this is a very efficient and intelligent app which keeps track of the Wi-Fi and cellular data transfer statistics and related information. This widget called Data Counter or Data checker provides an easy option of deleting the recorded data and keeping the track of the data usage per day and is a pretty good option.

Well all the smart phones have virtual keyboard and even some of them have QWERTY keyboard which makes typing very easy. But there has been a new app designed for the HTC Desire HD called SwiftKey which is basically similar to QWERTY keyboard in terms of the placement of the keys.

But the best thing of the app is in its intelligent nature which efficiently guesses the next word during typing of a sentence and more often gradually it is in a learning process.

This is a cool application which is designed for the HTC Desire HD and requires the latest Android 2.2 OS. The main feature of this application is that it efficiently downloads the popular shows from any channels like the BBC or from other UK TV channels. Well it is an improvement over the BBC’s iPlayer service.

No Lock:
No lock is a smart and simple widget which performs the enabling and disabling of the Desire’s locking screen. But there are some complicacies involved like this app lets the user to activate from standby mode and make it instantly usable which even start calling accidentally to other users.

Chrome to Phone:
This is another app which as it name signifies allows to ping links between desktop and mobile with ease. The user has to just install the app in the phone and install the extension on the Chrome Browser in the PC.

IM Plus:
This app is build for most of the platforms including android. It acts similarly to internet messenger to keep touch with your friends and it has pretty cool features. It supports most of the messengers on web and social networking sites.

To download any of the app for your HTC Desire HD, just search for the app in Android market.

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