HTC HD7: 20 Free WP7 Applications

HTC HD7 Free applications
Are you looking for best applications for HTC HD 7, a Windows Phone 7 mobile? Here are the 20 must have apps for HTC HD 7.

This is a very fantastic app which allows the user to upload photos and even videos from the Windows Phone 7 handset to the Photobucket account. It is also possible to download various wallpapers from photobucket to the mobile itself by exploring the Find Stuff categories and even the search box.

Well it is a very good and idealistic cause to know the weather of the place of interest. There is an app similar to the one in Android market called Weatherbug. This app includes local weather conditions, weather forecast, Doppler radar and much more features. This app could be used as a tile on the startup screen and it still works perfectly.

Adobe Reader:
Well many people are fond of reading books and with the evolution of technology; e-books are the best answers for this problem. But to read these files the user needs a pdf reader and the best thing for this is Adobe Reader. This app will allow the user to download PDF files and also read them. Apart from this there are many other options like multi-touch gestures and accelerometer which will improve the readability of the documents.

There are lots of people interested in movies and the information about the world of entertainment. So therefore an app has been created for WP7 called IMDb or Internet Movie Database which has loads of information regarding movies, actors and even television series. This application is a must for someone who is really interested in movies.
This app is particularly related to music world and it is a boon for the music lovers who want this hi-tech gadget. This app allows the user to tune into the latest sound tracks available and gives complete access to rocking numbers from the music world. This is another must-have application for the users who basically love to groove in enthralling music.

BBC News Mobile:
In today’s world, all the people are interested in the happenings around the world and in a busy schedule people are not having time to watch news. Well it seems to be good news for Windows Phone 7 users who can watch BBC News content on their HTC HD7. This app also allows the users to select and read any news article which interests them and also they can send it as a SMS to other friends and relatives.

Social networking is the latest and most desired trend nowadays and there is an official twitter client for the Windows Phone 7 handset, HTC HD 7. This app offers real time search, top tweets, topic on latest trends and much more utilities. 
However there are some limitations that this app will not resume its work in background and every facility can be availed only after launching the application.

The people around the world are seemingly much busier nowadays with consistent flying abroad and travelling. In order to help them, an app has been developed called Travelocity which allows the user to check flight schedules and hotel information on the handset itself. This app also incorporates the person’s GPS detail which is helpful in finding local accommodations and even making the reservations.

This particular app is all about movies and the booking of tickets which helps the user to secure tickets for their favorite movies on the HTC HD7 handset itself. The working of this app could be explained as it uses the person’s GPS locations to find local movies listing. This app has many other features like providing reviews and even information about upcoming movies.

eBay Mobile:
This is the official application launched for Windows Phone 7 and it serves the same purpose of selling and buying online; only this time it will be from the handset itself. It is interesting to note that buyers will be able to search, bid and check on their buying activity and this also goes for the sellers who will be checking their sales. This app has got some pretty improvisations and implications which makes it worth for this handset.

This is another official application from the mega online video site which lets the user to view online streaming videos and also download them. This app also allows watching videos embedded in emails, MMS messages, Facebook and websites. Another good feature is that this app allows connecting the user to the Music and Video Hub from where the user can watch the favorite videos of all the members of the hub.

This is another app linked to music identification application which helps the user to identify the specific music or track played anywhere.This app will work on holding the handset towards the sound and on identification this app will link the user to Zune Marketplace where the user will have a chance to buy the song. This is a pretty cool app for music lovers.

This is a very good application designed for Windows Mobile 7 platform and it helps to find local businesses, restaurants, movies and even weather. This app primarily functions by grabbing the GPS locations and then gives all the optional phone numbers and directions of such locations like restaurants and movies. A very good feature is that this app can also be used for making reservations in hotels and booking tickets.

This is a very interesting app which has been launched for HTC HD7 phone and it helps in connecting with your friends by sharing of locations and their personal status. This app can also be helpful in finding friends on a particular map and even sharing of files is possible.

Slacker Radio:
This is a popular online radio service app which lets the user to listen to music and sound tracks from 130 pre-configured stations. This app also allows the user to search for their favorite artists and listen to their tracks.
The only drawback of this app is that it will not work on background and will end if some other task is initiated.

This app is similar to previous app which gives complete access to the user to find local movie listings, watch trailers and even reading movie reviews from popular review websites on your HTC HD7.

This is another app concerned with social networking and the best part is that this app holds multiple twitter accounts and even Facebook. This application works by displaying the user’s twitter accounts, searches, trending topics and many other features. This app allows the user to share photo albums also.

MusiXmatch Lyrics:
This is an app made for music lovers who like to know the wordings or the lyrics used by their favorite singers. This app integrates into Zune and then does all the necessary matching.
This app is concerned about finding accommodations for new immigrants or emigrants. This app gives an access for more than 4 million real estate listings. This is a very good app for finding a good accommodation in rental or even in sale.

FourSquare is another social app which allows you to follow friends and also see the places they visit more often. You can also share your location with your friends.

To download any of these Apps, just search for them in WP7 market place or Zune Software.

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