HTC Surround: Setting up Microsoft Exchange Email

htc surround 7 email setup
It is obvious that HTC Surround is one of the best Business Windows Phone 7 till date. The best thing is that this handset can be used for business purposes to respond email queries of relevant clients via Microsoft Exchange Email.
Below are some steps which will help the user to install Microsoft Exchange Email on HTC Surround:
  • Tap E-mail setup from the Start screen or go to Settings-> Email & Accounts-> Click on Add an Account.
  • Then click on outlook
  • Then click on the email address field and enter your email address.
  • Then click on the password field and enter the password.
  • If the user name and domain are requested then tap Sign in.
  • If a notification screen is displayed, tap advanced to enter additional account information. Then enter the remaining account information and then tap Sign in.
  • Sometimes a device is required for corporate e-mail server which needs a security password. In such case tap Set and then enter the desired password which again requires to be re-entered for password confirmation and then tap Done.
  • Those users who avail this facility for the first time will straight go into the mail box and check some preliminary messages downloaded to the phone.
Enjoy reading email on your HTC Surround on a go.

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