iPhone Apps: Free Giveaway Everyday

I had decided to giveaway iPhone Apps as gifts for the loyal readers of the blog everyday. The process is simple. Everyday I will post about an iPhone app that is being given away and you can do any of the following things to make an entry to the giveaway contest:

1. Retweet the article, which is tracked by Reactions at the end of the post.

2. Share it on Facebook and post your facebook name as comment or Like the giveaway app HERE, which is tracked by likes on Facebook Page

3. Give a Thumbs Up on stumbleupon (+2 entries) and post your Stumbleupon name in the comment.

4. Share the link on your blog(+3 entries) and provide the link in the comment.

The giveaway of the particular app ends after 24 hours, at 4:00 PM GMT next day and the winner is selected by random.org.

How the iPhone App is given away?
The app will be sent as gift to the winner's email address.
iPhone app giveaway

But unfortunately, Apple doesn't allow to send gift apps to other countries.
Send iPhone app as gift
Currently I can send gifts only to some countries Canada, Germany, South Korea and India. I am contacting my friends in other countries to expand the list.

For the winners from other countries, I will transfer the price of the app to the winner's PayPal Account and hope they will purchase the app with it(though they might use it for other purpose).

Update: I am calling off the free giveaways. Check out HERE for more.

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