Kik Messenger app with more than 1 million users

The world of apps circling around mobile has infinite limits because of the innovative power of individuals and intellectuals. According to some recent resources it has been brought into notice that KiK Messenger app which is available on platforms like Apple iPhone, Android and Blackberry has crossed the millionth mark in terms of users within a few weeks of its launch.

This messenger finds its use as a genuine messaging interface for users to send and receive quick messages. This superb application once downloaded to the respective platform will incorporate itself to the contact list database and will even start recommending newer contacts for the user. The best part about this Kik messenger is that once installed then the user can send loads of free messages to other members of his contacts.

This application has received mixed criticism from the various users where some are complaining about the incapability of this app to send graphical messages or even start some kind of group chats among fellow users.

Download Kik Messenger from HERE.

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