LG Optimus One: 30 Free Android Applications

LG Optimus One Free Applications

LG is back into the smartphone market with LG Optimus One, a great phone on Android Platform. Recently LG announced the sale of 1 million LG Optimus One phones, which tells us the success of this smart Android Phone. Here we are providing 30 Free Applications for LG Optimus One, to make the phone more smarter.

This app is for listening to free, personalized Internet radio on the LG Optimus One. This app will bring Pandora off the computer and puts it on the phone. This app is fully integrated with Pandora on the Web and the user can listen to all existing stations and create new ones on the phone itself.

WeatherBug Mobile:
WeatherBug is a very interesting app which provides live, local, location-based weather information from its network of weather stations. It offers alerts, radar, satellite maps and videos.

This amazing app Layar will turn the smart phone into an Augmented Reality device. This app uses the phone's camera; compass and GPS data to identify the user’s location and field of view, retrieves data based on those geographical coordinates and then layers that data over the camera view.

Smart Alarm Clock:
This alarm clock app uses the Optimus One's accelerometer to track your body movements while sleeping and wake you up just in time after a restful night of sleep.

EverPaper is a quite simple but excellent app which is a kind of Instapaper client. It doesn't support folders yet, but it's currently under development processes. It also syncs with EverNote.

The Facebook app for Android based device, LG Optimus One is ready for more challenges, but still then it enables account syncing between the user’s Facebook friends and the contacts on the phone.

Aldiko is an application which is a decent eBook reader and probably the best available on Android. The only fact is that it doesn't handle DRM.

ASTRO File Manager:
This app is a full-featured file manager which allows the user to view and manage the files on the device without having to plug it into the computer. The user can also use it to backup other Android apps to the SD card.

IMDb Movies and TV App:
This is a fabulous app which is IMDb Movies & TV and the user will be able to settle all those movie and TV-based bar arguments within moments. This app is a potential client that provides access to all the information on the Web-based version of IMDb.

This app called Yelp for the Android device,LG Optimus One determines the user’s current location and then allows searching for nearby businesses, read reviews and so on. It also lets users to filter by "Price," "Open Now," "Special Offers" and "Hot on Yelp."

EStrongs File Explorer:
This is an app which is a local and network file manager provides a file explorer for both the local phone and the user’s remote computer. The user can view files on its phone and in the computer's shared folder and transfer files between them. The user can even play audio and video, browse images and view text.

AK Notepad:
This is a simple, straightforward notepad application that features Websync to snaptic.com, it does one thing and does it well.

This is an exciting app in which the user selects a contact or photo and then bumps phones with another person who is also running the Bump app. This app uses location information and the timing of the bump to detect the two phones involved and transfer the file between the two devices over the Internet. The Android version is even compatible with the iPhone version.

This is a replacement for the LG Optimus One's default audio player. TuneWiki serves as a social music player that provides timed, subtitled lyrics to the music in more than 40 languages. It also includes charts and real-time maps of what people are listening to around the world.

Google Goggles:
Google Goggles is a visual search app. This app is useful in getting information about a particular object, landmark, logo, etc. as Google Goggles will return relevant search results. It will even provide information about businesses by displaying their names directly in the camera preview.

Battle.net Mobile Authenticator:
This app is all about the World of Warcraft account by turning the phone into an electronic token. After the user enables the authenticator on the account and downloads the app, the app generates a unique, eight-digit numeric code that could be used to log into the account.

Google Voice:
This is a good app to streamline and consolidate the smart phones as it gives a single phone number that rings all the phones. In addition it also saves all the voicemail online and even transcribes the user’s voicemail into text. It offers a host of other features too.

Dial Zero:
This is a valuable app which helps the user to in touch with customer service and maintains an index of more than 600 companies to get their automated answering services to get a live human being in no time.

This is an application concerned with all the travel information and can generate itineraries for the user on demand you.

This app will help the user to find or call a cab quickly. This app keeps a database of local taxi companies and taxi stands and helps the user to place a call to a car service in case of need.

ESPN ScoreCenter:
This app lets the user to get comprehensive ESPN sports coverage on the Android phone and also it provides near-real-time scores and schedules of important sports extravaganza.

Exchange Rates:
Exchange Rates is an app which is basically a currency converter that shows current exchange rates.

This app could be used to keep up with everything about the movies. In addition to movie reviews and show times, the user can even watch trailers and clips from any movie.

Google Places Directory:
This is an interesting app which allows the user to find nearby places with Google Places Directory. Google Places Directory allows the user to browse nearby places in categories like restaurants, movie theaters, hotels and banks. It also gives the exact distance and directions along with ratings and photos.

This is an app which manages the user’s money and keeps track of the budget of user. It gives the user up-to-date information concerning the accounts and allows editing transaction info right on the phone. This app is password protected in order to secure the information kept in it.

Dolphin Browser HD:
The Dolphin Browser HD is a fabulous app which adds a boatload of features, including multiple tab viewing, full multi touch gestures, a thumbnail "flick" menu, gesture-based search and URLs and browser extensions.

Craigslist Notification:
This app allows staying on top of Craigslist for the user and also allows creating notifications for keywords and categories according to the user’s choice and filtering the results, which is similar to a Web-based application. The app periodically checks the site for new posts and downloads them to the phone for off-line browsing.

This is a communication app which allows the user to connect to all the online friends; no matter if they use Skype, Facebook, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo!, GoogleTalk, AIM, ICQ, MySpace, or StudiVZ Hyves.

This app helps the user to stay on top of information related to every country in the world with FactBook. This app draws information from the CIA World Fact Book and United Nations data to provide information on every country's geography, population, government, transportation and military.

Key Ring:
This is a pretty nice app which gives the freedom to the user to get rid of all the loyalty cards stuffed in the wallet because with the use of this Key Ring the user can scan the barcodes on all those cards and copy them. These barcodes could be used by the retailer of any store who can scan the barcode directly from the phone.

To download any of this applications, just search for them in the Android Marketplace. Hope these free Android apps for LG Optimus One makes the phone a better smartphone.

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