Mahtweets, Windows Phone 7 Twitter client with Push Notifications

mahtweets wp7 twitter client
Well there are some people who work behind the scenes and make things which is superficial to common man and the people at Mahtweets are in such league who are busy in designing the first Twitter client for Windows Phone 7. This new app will have some pretty features like push notifications for Direct Messages and Mentions. Below are some prominent features which will be primarily described in this app;
  • Twitpic uploading for pictures and files
  • Geotagging
  • MahTweets desktop style column/filtering for update types
  • Multiple account support for all the above services
  • Theme aware which looks impressive in both light/dark, and the various accents
Well it has been confirmed by Twitter itself that there will be a new app for Windows Phone 7 but according to Mahtweets their client will be much faster and much more effectively operative and therefore a vacant place might be there for a 3rd party twitter client.

Although the client could be free but for the push notifications, which would require MahTweet’s own server, could come as a premium feature. You can see the Mahtweets app soon in MarketPlace.

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