Mini Army for Android, an Alternative Snake Game

mini army android game
Well there are many Android based games which are constantly flooding the mobile market and one of them is Mini Army which is more or less like a snake clone game. It is sure that this game has some reminiscence of the older video gaming industry especially the console gaming with only the additional features like cartoonish military design.

Well the user can control the left and right directions in this game in order to collect an enemy soldier which is one of the most primary objectives of the game. But still then this game involves some fair tactics during the play mode in which the soldiers and the enemies have life bars over their heads and has some pretty impressive interface.

Well in additional features this game has some better layers for describing player statistics and scores. It is certain that within a low price range, this game has pretty impressive worth. To download this game just search for it in Android market or scan the below QR code.

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