Mobile Apps for Sales Professionals

Mobiles phones are of immense use to sales professionals on the move. Several apps are available for salesmen in the market for different mobile phone platforms. 6 of the incredible apps are highlighted here.

Assume that you are in animated discussion with your client while on the go and you want to note down the name and email address of the client. The app Copy2Contact copies the details of your contact and adds them to your handset’s list of contacts. The paid app is available for BlackBerry and iPhone.

With this paid app for iPhone and BlackBerry you can share with your sales team members
  • Contact information
  • Meeting particulars
  • Current deals
  • Appointments
With this customized app you can build strong cohesive sales team with perfect understanding.

The perennial problem of losing receipts and writing expense accounts for sales personnel is solved by this smart app. Snapshots of bills and receipts can be taken with phone’s camera and digital copies can be saved. The app tracks your tour expenses and records them; compares actual expenses against budget for monitoring. Reports can be customized with this paid app.

Using the phone’s camera business cards can be scanned and details can be stored on your iPhone with the help of this app. This app is handy are on travel especially when you run out of business cards. This paid app is available for almost all mobile phones in different versions.

This cute app picks up your contacts from various sources like your Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, blogs and news service and presents them in a single list for your ready reference anytime and anywhere on the go. You can send circulars and distribute reports to all your contacts. If you get mail from unknown contacts, you can check out their particulars using Gist and contact them fully prepared. The app is in beta stage at present.

Xobni Mobile:
This BlackBerry paid app captures information about contacts from emails and phone logs and adds them to the address book of your Smartphone.

Just search for the app in the respective app store to download it.

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