NBA Sports Apps For iPhone

With the basketball tournament around the corner, sports lovers will be glued to their mobile phones all over the USA. Plenty of apps are available in the market, both free and paid, to help you watch the game and provide highlights of your liking. Showcased here are 4 NBA apps for iPhone.

Sports Tap is a free app which features
  • Team comparison, Scoring summary
  • ‘Transaction listing’ with total up-dated listing of all trades
  • ‘Season leaders’ highlights league’s standout like steals, field goal percentage, rebounds, etc.
  • Game projections and projected player statistics

Pro Basketball Live is a free app which serves as a global reference manual to the league surroundings and not as a specific portal. Before listing current games it provides the following options on the games.
  • Standings
  • Videos
  • Schedules

NBA Game Time is a nice free app which provides updates on all games and league standings. The app enables you to check in a game and provides options for either listening to the audio or watching video while on the move.

Live Scores is a simple free app in the form of a digital display of scoreboard to enable you to glance at the scores of different participating NBA teams while travelling. You will be able to get the gist of the game and relative positions of the teams.

Hope these NBA iPhone Apps are very useful for basketball lovers.

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