New iPhone Apps: Pushboard and

Apple Inc.’s iPhone is the pioneer in smart phone technology and as such this giant is always on a constant innovation to develop newer and friendlier applications for this particular platform. It is obvious that the corporation is leaving no stone unturned when it comes to upgrading the outdated apps or even designing newer ones for iOS platform.

This week there are some app upgrades and newer apps for iPhone.

Pushboard App:
It has been a constant thinking of users basically the students who like wandering and collecting notes but they are in a problem as the information could be lost in future if not synced with the computer.This problem has been fabulously solved by the newly designed app called Pushboard which will cost only 2 dollars. The best use of this application is that this can be used to take down notes quickly on the phone itself and transfer them to computer later on or even vice versa. Through this method the user does not have to write down every note when it is needed; just share from the pc. App:
Another very interesting problem around the world is for those people who often get transferred in compliance with the workplace and they need to find new accommodations every time which is somewhat too expensive. This problem is solved by devising an app called in which the user has an account and updates the user regularly for information on properties.

IMDb App Update:
There are varieties of users around the world who continuously make innumerable requests for movies and related entertainment stuff on internet and iPhone has got an answer to that by developing an IMDb app for this platform. As the name suggests IMDb is Internet Movie Database and using this app users are able to get loads of information about their favorite movies and television shows. This app is absolutely free for Apple iPhone users and updated this week.


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