Opera Mobile 10.1 to hit Android Market Next Week

Mobile technology in this globally powered world is gaining newer heights at a stupendous rate. Most of the manufacturers are trying to incorporate web browsers into mobile operating system interfaces and the important thing being the web browsers should be fast and reliable. One such browser for mobile phones is Opera mini and according to some resources a new version Opera Mobile 10.1 will be around the world in a few days which will be quite a respite for the users who are limited to an Android based opera mini browser.
Apart from the Opera mini browser this Opera Mobile will use a Presto rendering engine and there won’t be any use of any kind of proxy servers in order to delivering web content or any other web services for an Android based device which has extra benefits of better web experience with JavaScript and Ajax. Also in some additional features there is a Turbo compression technology which is necessary for reducing bandwidth in areas where mobile data networks are scare.

Other features with this Opera Mobile 10.1 are that this will give a desktop experience for the Android users which include Speed Dial, Opera Link and also a password manager. These cool new features enable this device to be its utmost possession for the user and do not provide any kind of sense for insecurity and obsceneness. It is obvious for other platforms to make some counter innovations as this mobile technology world is going to see some serious competition and the only benefit region being the users who will only lose some money to have an excellent experience.

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