Palm Pre 2 Preorder from Nov 8th

HP’s sources have leaked out a significant announcement for their users and it seems to be done in Facebook which depicts that Palm Pre 2 has a list of preorders starting from the November 8. With this announcement it is completely obvious that Palm Pre 2 will get officially launched in the next 2 to 3 days. Most of the speculations indicated that this Pre 2 needs some time before its launching and some official adjustments are need to be done.
The Pre 2 is the next upgrade model for Palm Pre Plus with some features like processor speed of 1 giga hertz and a camera resolution of 5 mega pixels and also scratch-resistant Gorilla glass. This mobile will feature a new web operating system which includes some stunning features like implementation of multitasking, turning universal search into some command line for applications and also the usage of Synergy to enlist all contacts with information from online social networks.

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