Samsung Epic 4G: 15 Android Apps

samsung epic 4g android applications
Samsung Epic 4G have got plenty of options for the perfect genre of apps and games on Android marketplace. Here are some of the must have apps for the Android based Samsung Epic 4G.

App Brain:
It is obvious that in order to install the perfect app the user first has to make the efficient search from the Android Market. Therefore an app called App Brain is somewhat perfect for the above said reason as this fabulous app allows the users to search the market and to download the selected apps. This app is pretty cool for getting quality software for the gadget.
This is an app to watch TV in the 4 inch screen of the Epic 4G. This app called allows the user to watch many popular television series and also video clips from CNET and CBS News/Sports.

Barcode Scanner:
Barcode Scanner is an app which specializes in accessing information about a particular product by analyzing the bar code in that particular packaged product. In this app the user highlights the bar code on to the phone camera. After this the particular information about the product on barcode is revealed through this app. Well due to this app the user can now be more cautious about the product purchase and other relevant information.

Dolphin Browser HD:
Dolphin is an app which is actually a mobile browser on steroids and has got plenty of features and the ability to enhance the app with themes or plug-ins. It has features like visible tabs, gesture shortcuts, exporting bookmarks, synchronizing with Google services, and has a pretty impressive interface.

Opera Mini:
Opera Mini is the app which should be used when bandwidth is limited because this app Opera Mini uses gateway servers that compresses pages before sending them to the user’s phone. This impressive operation results in superior fast performance even when the user’s phone is struggling to maintain a decent connection speed.

ASTRO File Manager:
There has been a need by the users so that they can backup apps to the SD card, read .zip files, view images, search within text and files, or use SFT/SMB/Bluetooth. Well to perform all these activities ASTRO File Manager is the app which is a must-have application to run the above said processes smoothly.

This particular app is the Grand Prize Winner at the Android Developer Challenge. Locale is the software application which provides a smarter way to control the phone’s settings of the user. In Locale the user does not have to create different profiles for work, home, office; rather the app does this itself by analyzing the location, unlike other phones in which user intervention is necessary.

Google Goggles:
This is the priority app called Google Goggles which should be installed in the Samsung Epic 4G and is one of the best. This app happens to be the primary staple in the Android world because the user can use it to perform a visual search, translate text into another language and scan QR codes to get download links or import data, or perform a product search. With so many features this app is the most necessary app to be present in the Android based gadget.

Open Home:
This is a very simple app which acts like the Window Blinds of Android and allows the user to re-skin the interface and tweak options which was once dreamt by Google. This app is just $4 and should be a must have one.

Mediafly is a kind of app which is basically a podcast manager for audio and video feeds. This app is used to automatically download certain feeds, browse several channels, and to listen or even watch some favorite shows of the user.

This is a very intelligent app called Evernote which is helpful when the user needs to jot down some valuable information and also the user can quickly take voice, text and image notes that the software will then index so the user can easily search through them later.

Mobile Defense:
Mobile Defense is a great app that has a security system of its kind that allows the user to go online and track the phone if it is lost or stolen. This app is such powerful that the phone can be plotted on a map, locked to prevent compromised data, and wiped completely if you can’t recover it.

This is an essential app which should have been bundled with the OS. When this app is opened it allows the user to view all other apps which are previously opened and are clogging the phone memory. Then using this app the unnecessary apps could be terminated and the performance of the phone is hence increased.

Fring is an app which makes it possible to have live video calls on the user’s phone using a platform like that of Skype. This app Fring takes advantage of the front-facing camera to do Skype video and audio calls, and it also supports audio/instant messaging on several protocols, including AIM, Google Talk, and MSN.

Dial Zero:
DialZero is an app which keeps an index of over 600 companies customer service numbers with explicit directions for how to cut through the automation and even allow the user to solve any problem when faced due to any typical service availed.

To download any of these android apps on your Samsung Epic 4G, just search for it in Android Marketplace.

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