Samsung Galaxy S Successor with dual-core?

Samsung Galaxy S Successor
In Twitter a Russian blogger Eldar Murtazin tweeted about playing with a new dual-core Samsung i9100, which seems to be one of the first dual-core smart phones.

This particular version might succeed Samsung's Galaxy S which is by far the most popular and hi-fi Android handsets on the market. Well in addition to the dual-core, the new Galaxy might also get a better screen rather to the Super AMOLED 800x480 display and such improvisation could even defeat the Apple's Retina display.

In recent days there are a lot of rumors regarding the prior existence of dual-core smart phones, or super-phones but in reality very few actual designs and concepts have turned up. Well technology evolutionists are working hard on this concept and in near future this super-phone could be in stores. The operating system could be android, or even Gingerbread but it will obviously take a few months before the onset of first super-phones on the market.

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