Scene it? Harry Potter iPhone App Available

scene it iPhone app
Well there seems to be some good news for the wizard kid Harry Potter fans across the globe; as Scene it app will be available for iPhone and iPod Touch and HD version for iPad. Well Scene it is a popular entertainment trivia game from Screenlife and will feature content from first six movies of the Harry Potter series.

Well interestingly this game would comprise of thirty (30) quiz sets with sixteen (16) different puzzles and mini games of which some are Hagrid’s Hut, Polyjuice Potion, Extendable Ear and Portkey. The other notable features are innumerable video clips, images and audio clips; and a multi-player mode support through Wi-Fi or even Bluetooth network and even another technique called pass and play on a single device.

The HD version of Harry Potter for iPad has obviously HD or high definition videos, advanced graphics with superior user interface and intense animations and group play which can involve a maximum of four players at the same time on a single iPad. This amazing app is only $1.99 and the HD version is $4.99.

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