Shazam App for Windows, BlackBerry and Symbian at

The most popular app in the recent past, Shazam is now made available at the GetJar store to download for the convenience of users. Shazam App has made the life easier for many people who are fond of music and fun. If you want to buy your favorite music or share it to various social network sites, all you have to do is to click the tag button in the app.

You can download Shazam App for Windows Phone 7, BlackBerry or Symbian from GetJar.

About GetJar:
GetJar is a reliable place to get the millions of downloads. The store has made it sure to provide various high definition games for free of charge in addition to the incentives for the developers. It is the best source of earning for you if you are good at developing apps. The only concern is the unexpected return to the investment which is yet to be known.

via getjar

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