SlingPlayer App for iPad Now Available

Slingplayer iPad App
The evolution of technology has resulted to generation of live watching of television on smart phones and personal computers. There is an app developed for this reason and is called SlingPlayer which has brought this live TV experience to the iPhone, Android and BlackBerry devices and now the latest device in which this service will run is the iPad.

This app has brought many features along with it in which you can stream the live TV content to the tablet and also can record the videos. Besides, this app could be used to convert the Apple iPad into a remote control to change channels and power the SlingBox remotely which requires Slingbox SOLO.

According to the executive vice president of products at Sling media the Sling box device is a perfect accessory to an Apple iPad because on combination with the new SlingPlayer app the user can experience extraordinary TV experience anywhere in the world.

You can view and control video sources such as:
  • Cable settop box and DVR 
  • Satellite settop box and DVR 
  • Telco / IPTV settop box and DVR 
  • Basic cable 
  • Digital OvertheAir broadcasts (Slingbox PROHD only) 
  • Tivo 
  • Apple TV 
  • Home security cameras 
This new app nearly costs about $29.99 which is a bit expensive but perfect for those people who are always in complaining mood due to frequent travelling schedules. Well this is the latest application which will turn the iPad into major multimedia device.

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