TiVo app turns iPad into Remote Controller

An interesting news, it has been confirmed that Apple iPad might serve the purpose of an excellent remote control by using TiVo app. Well the TiVo iPad app specifically has some additional features like the user can change channels through this application and also can make some personal adjustments based on scheduling of programs along with viewing of previously recorded videos.

This particular app is expected to have multi-touch controls and more information about a particular show could be accessed without causing any disturbance in viewing of the screen. In order to properly sync the network the iPad and the Premiere must be on that same network and this app has also integration with Facebook and Twitter which lets the user activities to be shown to their friends.

This application from TiVo is not the first one but the best thing is that with all the features this app is sure to make some big impact among users. The users can have this app on their Apple iPad in upcoming weeks and this app might be available for free.

Well this app is also centered with a major disadvantage that most of the other cable companies have reportedly replicated the concept of this app and are providing their apps in lower costs.

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