Turn your iPhone 4 into air remote control for your PC

In a very interesting event Movea has launched a new app called Air Mouse which will turn the iPhone 4 into a gesture based motion control device. Actually this app utilizes the MotionTool software so as to control the home theater PC setup or even business presentations.
This app Air Mouse takes an additional advantage of the iPhone 4’s built in gyroscopes and the MotionTool software and then allowing the synchronization process to initiate between the iPhone 4 with the PC and then start editing designated gesture controls.

This application software is very easy to install and is also equipped with a beginner’s tutorial which will help the user to get acquainted with the MotionTools interface. Well the setup processes for the gestures and media buttons are much easier because of the intuitive interface.

This app also comes with varied customizations which are Left Swipe Gesture in case inside the web browser which will indicate go back a page. This app gives the complete freedom to apply specific settings for desktop and presentation application software.
Some of the features of the app are:
  • Gyroscope based high accuracy point and click controller.
  • Accelerometer based roll compensation.
  • Movea’s MotionSenseTM gesture recognition (swipes)
  • Triggered or continuous cursor motion
  • Adjustable cursor sensitivity
  • Intuitive phone/computer pairing system. Auto-connect feature automatically reconnecting to the previous computer.
  • Ad-Hoc networks support to avoid the need of a WIFI router.
  • Collaboration mode allowing an unlimited set of users to take control of an application.
  • Identify the active program and determine what type of application it is
  • Left, right and middle clicks
  • High accuracy scroll wheel
  • Drag and drop function
  • Keyboard featuring text feedback on the phone while typing
  • Gesture recognition
  • Binding of computer actions to mouse buttons or gestures
  • Per application binding of computer actions
  • Comprehensive set of graphical tools: display zooming, spotlight, hide and reveal display area, countdown clock, customizable and resizable pointer, image stamps, on-screen drawing tool, on-screen highlighter and many more.
  • Comprehensive set of media tools and actions: in-air volume control, play/pause, next/previous track, mute.
  • WEB actions: Home, bookmarks, previous/next page
  • Presentation actions: launch slideshow, previous/next slide…
  • Application launcher: WEB browser, email, Search, media player or any user defined application
  • Can generate any user defined keystrokes for matching any specific needs
  • Documents and edition actions: minimize all, close application, copy/paste, page up/down and many more.
  • Per user profile management allowing per using key bindings
Get the Air Mouse App for iPhone 4 from iTunes.

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