Windows Phone 7: 5 Free Productivity Apps

Windows phone 7 apps

Check out the 5 Free Productivity Apps for Windows Phone 7:

Adobe Reader:
This is a very nice app and has been a premier one because of its exclusivity and perfection which serves as the best PDF reader to read portable documents. When the moment a user opens a PDF file, OS detects whether this app is installed or not on the handset and if not installed, it directs to the page where this app could be downloaded and installed as this is a very important tool. This app opens document files a lot quicker than other apps belonging to this category and has the best option in which the user points and browses through different parts of the document and can even zoom in. This is a must have app and it comes free.

This app is perfection in the sense that it allows the user to have full access on the personal computer remotely from anywhere through your Windows Phone 7. The user can literally do anything with this app and only through a network which will be connecting the device and the computer. This app comes free for your WP7 mobile.

This is a pretty cool application which serves a very noble purpose of translating one language to another either by taking picture of the text to be translated or manually writing them through the keyboard. This app is free but still it has some downsides in which the user gets only 20 translations per month; the languages understandable by this app are English, French, Spanish, Italian and German presently which might get updated later.

This is a kind of game app which has a bizarre sense as it is a role-playing game along with task-list application which allows the user to do the task efficiently but in a gaming mood. This app comes free for this device

This is the best productivity app which comes pre-loaded in all Windows Phone 7 devices. This app allows the user to create Word, Excel documents and even viewing and editing of PowerPoint files. This app also gives access to SharePoint where the user can get hold of all the documents on the SharePoint server. The best part of this app is the Graphical User Interface which creates exemplary feeling.

To download any of the apps, just search for it on windows marketplace or in Zune.

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