World's Toughest Phone for 70 Pounds!

Mobile technology has undergone huge and significant dimensions where newest and latest gadgets are introduced in the markets for the ease and better living of the people. One such discovery has been made in this technology where the first waterproof mobile phone was launched and the manufacturer is JCB Tradesman.

According to the manufacturer of this innovative waterproof phone, this device will retain its all functionality even if this mobile is completely submerged in water. This phone is actually the upgraded version from other similar Tough phone model. The other significant features associated with this mobile includes its operational success after dragging it with a vehicle over 120 mph. This mobile will work if it gets buried under two tones of rubble.

This significant innovation in mobile world was designed by Data Select of Dragon’s Den along with JCB Tradesman and according to them this device is almost indestructible. This phone is quite useful for the people who spent most of the time outdoors in hostile conditions where the nature is frequently in its violent rage and connectivity and communication could still be possible.

The mobile is on sale now for 70 pounds.

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