Yahoo Messenger with Video Chat for Android Phones

yahoo messenger android
The technology has made the life easier for us. We can now chat with our closed ones even they are living in the other corner of the world. This is just because of the computer and the various messenger softwares which connect us to each other.

Recently, the Yahoo messenger for Android has been updated and many more features have been added to the messenger. The Android 2.2 device has the added features which make you feel relaxed and talk to your relatives more easily. You can now enjoy the video calling, enhanced Photo and Video Sharing as well as the Contact Sync. In addition, you can now check your e-mails from different accounts through your yahoo messenger only. You can also have the luxury of having enhanced photo viewing.

Currently one drawback of the apps is that the calls from computer cannot be transferred to the cell phone but this shortcoming will soon be overcome by the developers in the near future.

Just search for the Android Market or go to HERE, to download and install Yahoo Messenger Updated Version.

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