10 iPhone Games You Must Try

Check out the 10 iPhone games you must try, most of the games are FREE and others are limited version.

Aqua Moto Racing:
This game app provides a good experience for racing with good sense of speed on the iPhone platform. In this game there are some beautiful locations where the player has its racing and the graphics are quite appealing, which makes this game a must have free application.Some of the features of the game are:
  • 7 Championships, ranging from easy to very hard
  • 3 true-to life environments
  • 18 challenging tracks + reversed mode
  • 6 radical stunts that powers your boost
  • Time Trial with gold, silver and bronze target times
  • Tuning of top speed, acceleration, steering and boost
  • Ghost Play, race against the World's Best
  • Online World Ranking

OvenBreak Infinity:
This is an excellent game which is a big hit with all generations of people because of the colorful and excellent interface to play which is recommended for everyone.

Well another cool game where the user indulges itself in breaking colorful blocks by matching two or more same colored blocks or by exploding the bombs earned during the game. This is an interesting game with the following features:
  • Classic mode: Break blocks as fast as possible during a frantic one-minute match.
  • Survival mode: Play through different levels and survive as long as you can!
  • Submit your scores to OpenFeint or GameCenter and compete against your friends.
  • Share your scores on Facebook® or Twitter®
  • Full Gameplay and Leaderboards.

Angry Birds:
It is another cool game app in which the player throws some birds which pick up pigs as the game objective.

Bubble Shooter:
Well it is a must have game app in which the player has to make a combination of 3 or more bubbles in order to make them disappear and eventually score points. This game has also some bonus games and bonus points which is the reason for making it such a must-have app.

The app Racer is a very simple but addictive game where the player drives the car very fast on a highway. Well this is good for those who wanted to drive extremely on highway traffic which is almost impossible.

Chariso (Bike Rider):
This is an excellent game which reportedly exceeded 10 million downloads and in this game the user rides the bike and then try jumping over the wall, bad roads and valleys subsequently maintaining the lead in the crazy race.

Snake Classic:
Well this is a very old-concept game but is full of fun with the new improvisations in which the player controls a snake as it moves eating apples for growing in length and subsequently gaining more points. The game is over if the snake collides with the wall.
  • 100% responsive touchscreen game play lets you have complete control over the snake
  • NEW! Play classic or extreme (timed) mode
  • NEW! Choose among 4 fields and 5 snake speeds to play with 
  • Share your score on Facebook and Twitter
  • View high scores of your Facebook friends and users from all across the world
  • Pause and resume

Cupcake Maker:
This app is the latest craze on the App Store where the user gets a chance to bake yummy cakes and because of the varied items contained with amazingly realistic art, this is a must-have application.

Christmas Tree Maker:
This is a simple game where the user decorates the Christmas tree with all possible and available items.

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