4 Addictive Games for iPad from EA will be Launched soon!

EA has recently unvieled some of the games for iPad which will be around the corner in near future and will be much addictive for the users.

Neon Battle HD:
This is a new game created by Chillingo which is the latest acquired subsidiary of EA and this game is based on a space shooter. Actually this game app is a sort of alternative for Geometry Wars: Touch which failed to impress the users because of the absurd shooting game-play in the game. But in this game, the player has to hit the enemy shields through missiles and therefore the game-play and visual effects are much enticing.

Rock Band: Reloaded:
This is a game app for the music lovers which will soon hit the Apple app store and has got some pretty features. This game features about 20 tracks and if the user more tracks, he can fetch it from the music store. With Rock Band the player can indulge into singing and can even participate in a four player showdown with the help of Wi-Fi network.
TXT Fighter:
This is the upcoming gaming app from Chillingo which includes a typing tool in its extensive game-play and it has nothing to do with texting. This game has some pretty features which will be good in its sales and popularity. This app is for both iPhone and iPad.

This game is for iPad platform and it actually fits excellently into iPad which provides a virtual four-sided board including four players where the rest could be bots or friends of the user. This game gives the player a lot of modes and options for game-play.

Update: Rock Band Reloaded Game is already available in the iTunes. App link updated.

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