Best Christmas iPhone Applications

This Christmas the iPhone users have the chance to experience some excellent apps which will have pretty nice effect.

This is a free application which is called Christmas Countdown and as it name suggests this app has a kind of timer which shows a countdown of minutes for the arrival of Christmas.Some of the other features of the app are:
  • See the number of days until Christmas. Tap the countdown text to cycle between 9 different colors.
  • Select one of five included holiday musical soundtracks. Repeat the same song or play all five songs automatically in sequence.
  • Pick music from your own music library. The title and album art of the playing song are displayed. 
  • See the animated Santa or tree grow to full size and then shrink back down based on the number of days left until Christmas. The closer the date gets to Christmas, the bigger the Santa or Tree will grow. The Santa/tree will then move off the screen in one of six different patterns.
  • Tap one of three objects on the screen to produce Christmas sounds (standing santa, reindeer, presents).
  • Shake your device or tap the Santa/Tree to have Santa say "Ho Ho Ho" or watch the tree light up.
  • Select any background image from your device's photo album or reset the image back to the original one that is included.
  • Enable/disable/hide the Santa or tree animation.
  • Enable/disable device sleep.
This is a good application developed in response to the festive mood of the upcoming Christmas which will have a list of things to do before christmas. This seems to be an ideal gift for all beloved friends and family members who need to schedule their work accordingly for the special occasion. 
This is a good app which will give some Sleigh opportunities for the device and the user can also share them with friends and family members.
This is another application for this festive mood and as it name suggests the user can decorate the Christmas tree. The user has an access to lots of tools which will be helpful in decoration of the tree. 
This iPhone application is helpful in singing melodious songs with the friends and family members during this festive season of Christmas. This app has a number of services, church bells, fireplace and a variety of Christmas songs.
Hope you will have more fun with this iPhone apps this Christmas.

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