Dolphin Browser Mini now supports older Android Devices

Dolphin browser Mini for android
One of the best browsers on Android Platform, Dolphin browser had gained much popularity due to its versatility. But this application does not run on older versions of the Android operating system like Android 1.6. To solve this problem a much improved Dolphin Browser Mini has come in the market which boasts of providing better web surfing experience.

This new app which supports Android 1.6 or later has pretty good features in it. The browser can import bookmarks from the Android default browser or also can sync with Google Bookmarks. Among other notable features of the Dolphin Mini there is tabbed browsing, a download manager, orientation lock, gesture support, private browsing and a screen cut tool which allows capturing of web pages in the form of JPEG formats.This app is free to download in the android market.

To download Dolphin Browser, just search for it in android market or scan the below qr code.

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