Download Best Android Puzzle Games

There are many genres of Android games ranging from arcade simulation to even the first person shooter ones but still then the users are not satisfied as these games are only tiring out their brains. Well here there are some puzzle games for Android based smart phone users who need some excellent exercise in some challenging forms.

Enjoy Sudoku:
This excellent puzzle game has been developed by Jason Linhart and truly this is the best game in this section which offers fabulous challenges to the player. In Sudoku the user has to arrange numbers in a line in such a manner that no number should repeat itself both in horizontal and vertical directions. In this game the user’s time is taken into account during the arranging and filling numbers in the given blank spaces. Some of the features of the game are:
  • Unlimited play across sixteen difficulty levels
  • Tutorial teaches you new techniques
  • Large, high contrast digits are easier to read
  • Enter games from the newspaper
  • Solver helps with games from the newspaper
  • Automatic or manual pencil marks
  • Highlighting helps you discover patterns
  • User interface optimized for fewer touches
  • Never covers up the board while you are playing
Word Search Unlimited game:
This is one of the best word puzzle games made for this Android operating system and will not fail in delivering enthralling experience to the user. This app has been developed by JiuzhangTech Ltd and it is basically similar to the word puzzle games which are found on daily newspapers.
Jigsaw- Toy Story 3:
This application comes from the popular animated movie Toy Story and this app is developed by yodesoft. This game includes 80 jigsaw puzzle levels which are based on Toy Story 3 in which the user solves a jigsaw puzzle by dragging photo pieces.
Chess Genius:
Well everybody knows that this is the best board game ever invented by man and is also available for the Android OS which is named as Chess Genius. This game is embodied with excellent features and modes which offer player plenty of options and challenges.
Backgammon Game:
This game is developed by AI Factory Ltd. and is basically a board game in which the user has the freedom to play with the computer as opponent or can even play in multiplayer mode.
Use the QR code reader on your phone to download any of the above puzzle games for your android phone.

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