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inception iPhone App
Inception App for iPhone will transport the Inception movie straight into your life. The app transforms the world around you into a dreamworld. It uses augmented sound to induce dreams through the headset of your iPhone and iPod Touch.

Some of the features of the Inception App for iPhone are:
  • The app is based on the Inception movie concept.
  • Just like the characters in the movie Inception you can enter a dreamworld by pressing a button.
  • The Inception app puts the spirit of Inception the movie right into the real life of every user.
  • It is a dream machine that transforms the world around you into a dreamworld using augmented sound.
  • It includes pervasive gaming elements like unlocking new dreams by walking, being in a quiet room, traveling faster than 30 mph, when the sun shines or it is full moon.
  • Don’t play this app using the touchscreen, play this app with your life.
Download  the inception app for FREE from iTunes.

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