Download Touch Quran for Windows Mobile FREE

Quran for windows mobile
Touch Quran for windows mobile is a must have app for all the people who are interested in reading Quran on mobile.

It contains first 10 surahs of Quran in the real High Quality Uthmanic calligraphy in Arabic along with verse by verse translation in English. Easy to use Islamic interface and easy to read layout with three different font sizes.

Touch friendly user interface with onscreen buttons to scroll Quran page by page or by line. Easy to navigate through Quran by selecting Surah, Verse, Juz, Hizb or Rob. Also it does not require any Arabic support to display Quran.

Features of Touch Quran for windows mobile:
  • Display Quran in Uthmanic calligraphy.
  • Verse by Verse English Translation.
  • Easy to use Islamic User Interface.
  • Three different font sizes.
  • Display Verse information.
You can download the Touch Quram on windows mobile for FREE.

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