Finance App for Windows Phone 7: mobudget

Well ever since the launch of Windows Phone 7 there are loads of applications featuring in the Windows marketplace. One among them is mobudget which is a full featured personal finance app for this device.

This mobudget is a financial application which assists the user in organizing the income and outcome details which eventually leads to money saving methods and opportunities. It is important to note that in its main screen there is a dashboard which has some set of intelligent indicators indicating about the personal finance about the user.
mobudget wp7 finance app
This app is excellent because it is more than a calculator which will offer handy advices and alerts for the decisions to be taken considering the budget analysis. Some of the other features of app are:
  • Upcoming and overdue payments, incomes, bills.
  • Color-based and snapshot styled budget bar graphs.
  • Budget adjusting helper.
  • Multi currency support.
  • Accounts and credit cards usage recording
  • Cash flow bar graphs and out of funds predictions
  • Easy input for registering expenses, incomes and transfers
  • Can create future operations and recurrent operations
To know more about the app visit HERE and check the below video:

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