Google Launches e-book store for US

In a recent event Google launched its own e-book store with reading apps targeted for iPhone and Android users in US.

Actually this e-book store is only restricted to U.S, but nevertheless it has more than 3 million titles for any user running an iOS 3.0 device or an Android 2.1.

There are various features associated with this e-book store like the user can perform any amount of searches within an e-book, can make some adjustments regarding text formatting for better readability and also storing the e-books for later use and many more.

The e-books through this store will be sold in ePub and PDF format in order to make it easily portable and also for side loading purposes.

It is to be seen that what the users will choose, because already Amazon is up and now Google stepping with its own e-book store which is fully integrated with its native operating system, the competition will certainly get tighten up.

You can visit to Google ebook store HERE

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