How to use Find My iPhone App?

It is obvious that with every new software and operating system there are some problems and shortcomings which are corrected by releasing the updates for that particular software.Similarly, Apple made an important announcement by releasing out its major update for its recent mobile operating system iOS 4 which provides Find My iPhone service for Free.

This new tool’s working is much similar to its name as it is a tracking application which helps in finding a missing iPhone 4 or even the fourth generation iPod Touch. This is amazing software where the user if accidentally leaves the device somewhere, or it gets stolen, then the user can find the location of the device by looking it in a computer with Google maps ability.
find my iPhone app
It is also possible for the user to completely lock the iPhone or wipe out the data contained in it, in case it has been stolen unless and until the SIM card has been taken out.

Earlier this app Find My iPhone was available through MobileMe subscription for about $100 per year. But, recently Apple Inc. has made it absolutely free in this update and the users can now easily safeguard their device in case of any theft or misplacement.

It is important to know that this app or feature needs to be activated and the steps for this activity are shown below:
  • It is necessary that the user should have iOS 4.2.1 installed. Clicking for the latest updates in the iTunes section will help you to get Find My iPhone service for free.
  • Then tap the Settings app on your iPhone. Then tap ‘Mail, Contacts, Calendars and Add Account’. Then select MobileMe.
  • Inside the MobileMe account menu, enter your iTunes or Apple ID and password for iTunes marketplace.
  • The ‘Find My iPhone’ option should appear which should be turned on to activate it.
After this whenever the location of the device is compromised the user can find the device comfortably and take necessary actions.

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