HTC HD2 gets it’s very own Android Gingerbread port, too

Android Gingerbread HTC HD2
In recent news it has been confirmed that the HTC HD2 will have its own Android 2.3 Gingerbread port. This has been confirmed from XDA-Developers and they are currently working on to get it up and running very soon.

The actual mind behind Android Gingerbread on the HD2 is DarkStone1337 and though this accomplishment has been initiated by him, he was off the project now. Other developers of the XDA are now continuing in refining the process and in the near future Windows Mobile handset HTC HD2 will get proper Android treatment.

It is also speculated that once the source code is released for Android 2.3 the things will become normal and the SDK will support the necessary improvisation.

HTC HD2 can be added to the list of HTC phones which have received Gingerbread ports and the HD2 remains significant as it is a windows phone getting Android OS.

To keep updated on HTC HD2 Gingerbread custom Roms, visit HERE

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