HTC Magic: 10 Versatile Android Applications

htc magic best android apps
Now you can enhance the beauty of HTC Magic with these versatile apps. Here are the 10 best android applications for HTC Magic: 

Radar Now:
This is a geo-tactical app which serves the function of providing information about the weather for each and every location the user intends to get. It works on a real time basis and perfectly accurate.

Google Sky Map:
This is a very superior quality app which is pretty cool in its nature and it can deliver all information about anything on the sky like the star and even can see the futuristic sky basing on constellations and their movements.

Colordict Universal Dictionary:
Well this is a perfect app for users to dig out the meaning of any word or a line. It could be used for searching meaning of the words in the database of the dictionary.

This is a simple app for HTC Magic which could be used for pretty conversions like the currencies, weight scales and other measurements which are mostly encountered in daily life.

Google Shopper:
This is a very charming app which helps to find affordable rates on specific products searching by voice description or by taking a picture of barcode on the product. This app helps to find better rates of the desired products with excellent convenience.

Facebook for Android:
Well everybody knows that living on this planet is similar to be available on a social networking site, Facebook and there is a specific application for this purpose also on the HTC magic. The user will be able to perform all the necessary functionalities like uploading videos and photos, changing of status which makes this networking site awesome.

Twidroyd Pro:
This is another social networking app which is similar to Facebook and is one of the best of the many apps built for Twitter due to the benefits it has for the users. This app lets the user to create multiple accounts, re-tweet options and an innovative Live Preview mode which splits the home screen into two panes.

Angry Birds:
This is a popular gaming app which has been developed for Android based HTC Magic. This game allows the user to confront a battle between the birds and pigs that stole eggs of the former ones and is a very addictive game which comes for free on this platform.

This is an excellent app which allows synchronizing files back and forth between the smart phone and personal computer. Suppose the user wants a file transferred from the phone to pc then this can be achieved through this fabulous app which makes it pretty simple and very sophisticated.

Barcode Scanner:
Well this is an excellent app from the manufacturers as this app gives you complete freedom to know about all information about any particular packaged product. The user has to just take the picture of the barcode on the product and then scan it for more information through the smart phone.

To download any of the above mentioned apps, just search for it in the Android market on your phone.

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