iPhone 5 with Pico Projector and Digital TV?

iPhone 5 pico digital tv
Smart phone technology has certainly defied many boundaries and with the evolving technology more and more skeptical features will be embedded in smartphones in near future like Live digital TV experience and pico projectors.

According to the smart phone suppliers, mobile digital TV and miniature embedded pico projectors could be incorporated in future smart phones specially the iPhone 5 which is expected to be released in June 2011.

An embedded pico projector allows the user to project a slide presentation or video on a wall. And watching digital TV on mobile could bring good experience for the users around the world.

Apple has made significant improvisations with each and every iDevice which has been launched till date and therefore the much awaited iPhone 5 is expected to deliver some better and newer extravagant apps as well. According to a report in November it was speculated that Apple will experiment something with remote computing technology which will be done with the help of near-field communications chip known as RFID chip.

We have to wait until next year to know exactly about the features Apple incorporates in iPhone 5.

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