Iron Wars 3D Game for iPhone gets Previewed!

ironwars 3d game for iPhone
AppMania today announced their new 3D gameIron Wars for iPhone. The game will be available for the iOS platform by the end of December.

Coming to the game, this is real time 3D shooter in which there will be a battle between futuristic iron balls. These battles occur in different arenas: like space platform, abandoned mine, forest, cemetery with a vault and lot more. This game has about 32 numbers of missions in the single-user campaign and three different gaming modes in which the user can play with other user through a Wi-Fi network.

The best part of Iron Wars is contained in its game dynamics and the colorful graphics along with excellent game-play which will enthrall the users incredibly.

This game features:
  • 32 – level campaign, customized with bots, online play with other iPad or iPhone users.
  • 8 different maps in 5 settings, dynamic sounds
  • Three gaming modes which are Death Match, Team Death Match, Domination
Check out the below video to know more about Iron wars 3D game

Soon you can download the game from iTunes.

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